Six Brew Bantha

Six Brew Bantha: Intravenously Commodified

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Artist: Six Brew Bantha

Artist: Six Brew Bantha
Title: Intravenously Commodified
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release. Six Brew Bantha, along with Archagathus, have been the leaders of the Western Canadian Grind Campaign for World Domination. They've been touring constantly, releasing killer records constantly, and honing their craft of 'blurring grindcore' to a razor-sharp edge. This second LP is their most refined and matured work to date. The songs got a little longer, but don't be scared the blurring aspects and chaotic arrangements that made you love them are still the primary aspects of their sound, only now the songs have enough meat on their bones to become memorable and powerful statements in and of themselves. With incredibly tight and precise playing caught with a powerful, hard-hitting production, the record captures an ideal Six Brew Bantha at an ideal setting.

1.1 The Architect
1.2 Intravenously Commodified
1.3 Belligerent Apathy
1.4 Trampled to Death
1.5 Mass Surveillance
1.6 Shadow Bankin'
1.7 Perception Asleep
1.8 Development
1.9 Anti Music #2

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