Sizzla: Be I Strong

Sizzla: Be I Strong
Title: Be I Strong
Label: VP Records

Sizzla's lyrics and vocal style have a melody with the healing effects of aroma therapy and will endure due to his unshakable belief in music. He erupted on the scene in 1966 and has captured t the attention of the musical world. His latest album, Be I Strong, conveys Sizzla's strong message via his all out lyrical assault. Track list includes: "Men & People," "Love Is All," "Diamond & Pearl," "Bless Bless," "Stop the Youth," "Live & Learn," "Mi King," "Be I Strong," "The Vibes (feat. Capleton)," "Get Lively," "No Chance," "Live Longer," "Powerfull," "Nah Suffer," "Keep Out a Bad Company"

1.1 Men ; People
1.2 Love Is All
1.3 Diamond ; Pearl
1.4 Bless Bless
1.5 Stop the Youth
1.6 Live ; Learn
1.7 Mi King
1.8 Be 1 Strong
1.9 The Vibes
1.10 Get Lively
1.11 No Chance
1.12 Live Longer
1.13 Powerfull
1.14 Nah Suffer
1.15 Stop Violate
1.16 Keep Out a Bad Company

Sizzla: Be I Strong

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