Sk Ll Hammer

Sk Ll Hammer: Pay It in Blood

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Sk Ll Hammer

Title: Pay It in Blood
Label: Skull Hammer
Product Type: VINYL LP

Classic NWOBHM meets Thrash inspired Metal from Massachusetts. Described as a 'Metal-Trio that sounds like an army and the 'Manliest Band Ever' Skull Hammer deliver the goods on many levels. Original, Honest and Brutal. 12' Vinyl LP. Includes 2-sided lyric insert. 50% of orders will include free 8 x 10 Glossy band photo. Shrink wrapped. '...It is the manliest album ever recorded. No man should be without it. Skull Hammer is an unstoppable force that will decimate everything in it's path.' - Chris Butera : ReviewFix'...If you appreciate quality thrash, with excellent musicianship, and some mind opening lyrics, then heathens and ragers, I command you to hammer that metal into your heads, and do not save the skull for last! '

1.1 Soldier of Misfortune
1.2 I Defy
1.3 Pay It in Blood
1.4 Balls to the Bone
1.5 Nuclear Holocaust
1.6 The Gladiator
1.7 Blasphemy
1.8 Born Evil
1.9 Convicted of Conviction
1.10 Hit By God

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