Skeedaddle: Ghost of Mose

Skeedaddle: Ghost of Mose
Title: Ghost of Mose
Label: CD Baby

Skeedaddle is a Durham, North Carolina-based string band that plays 20s & 30s swing, blues, Dixieland, traditional Hawaiian and other roots Americana. We dress the part, we genuinely love playing this music, and our audiences have a lot of fun with us. The player are: Anastasia Maddox: Vocals, 1929 Gibson UB-1 banjo ukulele, 1923 Gibson trap door tenor banjo, resonator ukulele, kazoo, washboard Berkeley Grimball: 1935 metal marching band clarinet, bass clarinet Dorsey Worthy: 1920 Conn Conn-Querer "C" cornet, 1954 Bach Strad "F" alto trumpet, 1964 Renolyds "Bb" trumpet, Harmon mute Fred Levine: Englehardt Swingmaster upright bass with steel strings, resonator mandolin, 1914 Gibson F2 mandolin, vocals, human Wurlitzer Hugh Crumley: 1930 National style 1 squareneck tricone guitar, 7/8 scale upright bass with gut strings, knock-off D-hole guitar, vocals Steven Fishman: Vocals, resonator parlor guitar, tenor guitar built by Steve Parks We started playing together at traditional Appalachian music festivals ages ago. We discovered, over the years, that the style of music we loved to play the most was the popular music from the 1920s and 30s including swing, Hawaiian, early hot jazz and blues. We had all played in other bands that touched on these styles in the past, but since Skeedaddle formed in 2006 we have really blasted in this direction and have taken it to a unique and fun place. Our influences are mostly from the early 20th century, ranging from raucous performers like Howard Armstrong and Etta James to Hawaiian steel guitar masters like Sol Hoopii and Sam Ku West. Folks who have attended our shows have compared us to the Asylum Street Spankers, the Squirrel Nut Zippers and the Cheap Suit Serenaders, but we like to think that we have our own take on this great music. Our new album is entitled The Ghost of Mose. The Ghost of Mose is the spirit of the musicians who passed the torch that we carry and pass along through the music we play. It is our grandparents, who filled their parlors with laughter, music and dancing. It is the rhythm of the hula, Bourbon Street brass, jugband, hokum and old time. The Ghost of Mose is the muse that inspires us to play tunes late into the night, knowing that there is nothing else we'd rather do.

1.1 Stomp Stomp
1.2 Moscow Nights
1.3 Margie
1.4 Louisiana Fairy Tale
1.5 Who Walks in
1.6 My Four Reasons
1.7 Drifting
1.8 Nobody's Sweetheart
1.9 Chinatown
1.10 On the Sentimental Side
1.11 Mysterious Mose
1.12 Whenever You're Lonesome

Skeedaddle: Ghost of Mose

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