Skeletons: Money

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Skeletons

Artist: Skeletons
Title: Money
Product Type: VINYL LP

Their fifth album and first for Tomlab. This record is angry because it's hungry, sad because it's scared, and joyous all at once, ending with a celebration. These songs are inspirational, so rejoice!

1.1 Fill My Pockets Full
1.2 The Things
1.3 Ripper A.K.A. the Pillows
1.4 Stepper A.K.A. Work
1.5 Dripper
1.6 Booom! (Money)
1.7 Unrelentinglessness
1.8 The Masks
1.9 Lullaby
1.10 Eleven (It'll Rain!)

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