Skels: Any Port in a Storm

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Skels

Title: Any Port in a Storm
Label: CD Baby

The Skels, New Jersey's longtime pub rock quintet, delivers their third album of rowdy songs about drinking, girls, despair and hope. Twelve originals make up this record that is sure to raise hell at your next party.

1.1 When the Devil's Whore Arrives
1.2 Glass O' Stout
1.3 Rain Came Pissin' Down
1.4 This Cruel Life of Mine
1.5 Black Waterside
1.6 Stoney Road
1.7 Have a Drink Ya' Bastards
1.8 Pauper's Grave
1.9 To the Whiskey I'm a Slave
1.10 Come Hell or High Water
1.11 One for the Road
1.12 You'll Never Drink Alone

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