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Skinny Legs & All: Original

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Artist: Skinny Legs & All
Title: Original

Skinny Legs & All is Asheville, North Carolina's freshest young band whose members range in age from 14 to 19. Don't let their ages fool you - these gifted performers deliver lip-smacking, dance-inspiring original R&B. Jesse Barry's (age 16) voice has been likened to a combination of Aretha Franklin and Susan Tedeschi. Paul Chelmis (age 19), our senior member, is "straight from the" on the keys. David Cate (age 17) lays down hot licks on his cherry red guitar. Avi Goldstein (age 14), our youngest cat, plays that thumpin' bass like he's been doin' it since he was in the crib. Colin Hanson (age 16), our "lucky charm", keeps it all together as the backbone of our rhythm section. Lead singer Jesse Barry, age 16, was a contestant on American Idol in 2010. Skinny Legs and All is proud to announce the release of their first all originals CD - The Original. During the past year, these talented teens have managed to successfully juggle the academic challenges of high school and the creative impulses of a professional blues/rock band. On any given weekend you can find these talented kids rehearsing in their own recording studio created by their parents, traveling to perform at regional clubs and festivals such as Springing the Blues in Jacksonville Beach, Florida - the largest Blues festival in the South, or headlining in local venues such as Tressa's Downtown Jazz and Blues Club in Asheville, NC. Their first original CD is a creative blend of blues and rock with lyrics reflecting the experiences they have encountered on their journeys. 'At Heart We're Rockers' tells the story of travelling to Memphis, Tennessee to perform at the International Blues Challenge, while 'Every Mile Was Worth It' describes having family on the road supporting the band every step of the way. Guest musicians Jerome Widenhouse and Henry Westmoreland from Firecracker Jazz Band add infectious horns on a few tunes as well as World-class percussionist River Guerguerian adding in some beats. Artist Press Items 'Named for a Tom Robbins novel published well before anyone in this band was born, Skinny Legs and All seems at home with songs, sounds and ideas from a bygone era. Though the group is made of teens, they all perform with maturity beyond their years, with singer Jesse Barry belting out 'The Thrill is Gone' like a young Janis Joplin.' Mountain Express BEST OF 2009 Arts & Entertainment 'Skinny Legs and All 'WOW'd' the evening crowd and went home with a townful of new fans.' 'Steve and I recently saw them performing at The Garage and their sound makes it hard to just sit in your seats - great rhythm for dancing.' Asheville's Hot - Asheville's Hot 'There have always been upstarts, like high school kid-turned-Rolling Stone-writer Cameron Crowe, and skatepunk-turned-bluesman Jonny Lang. Asheville's answer to those prodigies of cool has to be Skinny Legs and All.' Alli Marshall - Mountain Xpress 'Sam Veal, Springing the Blues executive director, said the sleeper this year was Skinny Legs and All, an Asheville, N.C., band that opened the show Saturday. He said he probably got 150 e-mails about them afterward.' Roger Bull - ' Asheville has lots of great talent, and these amazing young folks are well worth keeping an eye on! As far as I am concerned, they were the headliners of Bele Chere this year! ' Chuck Brown - Mountain Xpress.

1.1 Mornin Time
1.2 The Tomato Song
1.3 Ask Yourself (A Question)
1.4 Every Mile Was Worth It
1.5 At Heart I'm a Rocker
1.6 Something You Need to Know
1.7 When We Kiss
1.8 Rockabilly Blues
1.9 A Capella N' Blues

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