Skinny Lister

Skinny Lister: The Devil, The Heart And The Fight

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Artist: Skinny Lister

Artist: Skinny Lister
Title: The Devil, The Heart And The Fight

1.1 Wanted
1.2 Geordie Lad
1.3 Tragedy in a Minor
1.4 Devil in Me
1.5 Injuries
1.6 Reunion Side B
1.7 Beat It from the Chest
1.8 Hamburg Drunk
1.9 Grace
1.10 Charlie
1.11 Fair Winds ; Following Seas
1.12 Carry
2.1 Live Intro
2.2 Thing Like That
2.3 Christmas Calls
2.4 Band Chat
2.5 Wanted (Live at Camden Roundhouse)
2.6 Hamburg Drunk (Live at Camden Roundhouse)
2.7 This Is War (Live at Camden Roundhouse)
2.8 Band Chat Sessions
2.9 Injuries (Paste Session)
2.10 Tragedy in a Minor (Paste Session)
2.11 Geordie Lad (Xtra Mile Xmrob1 Session)
2.12 Band Chat Bootlegs
2.13 John Kanaka (Live at London Scala)
2.14 Cathy (Scala)
2.15 Bold As Brass (Live at London Scala)
2.16 Band Chat Boy Ashore
2.17 Boy Ashore (Iphone Demo)

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