Skip James

Skip James: Live at the Cafe Au Go Go

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Skip James

Title: Live at the Cafe Au Go Go
Label: Rockbeat Records

This storied Bleecker Street club was only open from '64 to '69, but they sure made their mark with one talked-about blues, jazz, folk and rock show after another. Recorded in '65, this country-blues dream come true includes Bukka's I'm Going Home: Aberdeen: Midnight Blues: Old Folks Twist : Skip's No Special Rider: I'm Worried: Cruel Jane: Hard Head, and more! Rock Beat.

1.1 Bukka White - I'm Going Home
1.2 Bukka White - Aberdeen (First Set)
1.3 Bukka White - Old Folks Twist
1.4 Bukka White - Please Write My Mother
1.5 Bukka White - Going to New Orleans (First Set)
1.6 Bukka White - Jitterbug Swing
1.7 Bukka White - Saturday Night Blues
1.8 Bukka White - Old Man John
1.9 Bukka White - Aberdeen (Second Set)
1.10 Bukka White - Going to New Orleans (Second Set)
1.11 Bukka White - Midnight Blues
1.12 Skip James - Roadhouse Blues
1.13 Skip James - I'm Worried
1.14 Skip James - Hard Head
1.15 Skip James - Cruel Jane
1.16 Skip James - Cherry Bough
1.17 Skip James - Would You Like to Be My Baby
1.18 No Special Rider

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