Slacker: Slacker

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Slacker

Title: Slacker
Label: CD Baby

Ay! This is Guano! I'm a fat, grumpy, red troll and I've got gas. You gotta problem wit dat? Well, tough! I speak for these four lazy knuckleheads in the band SLACKER. I'm running their website at and I take care of all their band affairs. Why? 'Cuz like most of you idiot humans, you don't know what the hell you're doing! All you do is whine about your stupid jobs. Why don't you just sit back, eat, drink, belch, and listen to some good music? No posers here and no bull. The SLACKER guys don't care about how they look, sound, or who likes the music. It's fun... Period! Now shut the hell up, pour a beer and get ready to dance around. Geez, I gotta show ALL you human morons how to relax. Ay, listen! Slacker isn't just a band... it's a lifestyle! *snort*.

1.1 No Commercial Value
1.2 In Front of Everybody
1.3 Kill Her
1.4 Midlife Crisis
1.5 Beer Song
1.6 Guano
1.7 Strange Arpeggio
1.8 Who Is Foolin' Who
1.9 Kashmir
1.10 Spy Stuff

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