Slackwater: Slackwater

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Slackwater

Title: Slackwater
Label: CD Baby

Slackwater was formed in the summer of 2009 with influences of a wide variety ranging from Cross Canadian Ragweed and Hank Williams Jr. to Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen. The band has been able to create a sound that has been referred to as an "almost grungy style of country", deeply rooted in the southern way of living. Many of Slackwater's songs speak of good times, life's experiences, and history both personal and from times forgotten. HWY 365 is the local favorite that gives an image of life at home for the band and the many fans that live with them in the small town setting. While Lost Legend brings us back to the early years of Arkansas history when every man carried a six shooter and whiskey was the drink of choice. There have been small changes in the bands formation and sound since starting almost two years ago, but the platform has always been the same. Mike Brust and Joshua Halsell are the singers, song writers and guitarist for the band. With Mike's deep southern draw and Josh's more blues based vocals they give an almost abstract and distinct mix that somehow complements one another. Jesse "Bambi" Downs and Robert Lamb provide the back bone section of the band with Jesse's youthful upbeat style of drumming and Robert's old school bass walking they are the extreme when it comes to differences but are able to form a solid tempo and fill that keeps the music alive. Newton Stokes is the lead guitarist for Slackwater and has his own unique style as well that hints of rockabilly and twang with a flash of 70's style hard rock. This mix of styles and influences in the band is what keeps the fans coming back for more. With the release of their debut self titled album, Slackwater is reaching out in search of more fans that are ready for some non-pop, unrestricted, unedited, good time having music.

1.1 Hwy 365
1.2 With Me Tonight
1.3 My Weekend
1.4 Hero
1.5 Reload
1.6 Lost Legend
1.7 Wrecked
1.8 Bourbon Whiskey
1.9 Bad Mutha Trukas
1.10 Redefine Me

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