Slade: Beginnings / Play It Loud

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Slade

Title: Beginnings / Play It Loud
Label: Salvo

2006 digitally remastered reissue of the first two albums by the British Glam/Rock superstars on one CD featuring two bonus tracks: 'Wild Winds Are Blowing' and 'Get Down And Get with It'. They were called Ambrose Slade when debut album Beginnings was released in April 1969. It was a mixture of self-penned songs, instrumentals and cover versions. Their second album, 'Play It Loud', was released in November 1970. Slade were knuckling down to write their own material. Noddy Holder's voice was beginning to show it's great potential and songs like 'The Shape of Things to Come' (the record's first single), 'Raven', 'Dapple Rose' and the 'Know Who You Are' offered solid proof that Slade could mix guile with bluster. However, it was a foot-stomping cover version of Bobby Marchan's 'Get Down And Get with It' (included as a bonus track) that provided the group's first chart hit. It reached Number 16 in the UK in the summer of 1971 and it's element of crowd participation became a cornerstone of the group's concert set. Slavo.

1.1 Genesis
1.2 Everybody's Next One
1.3 Knocking Nails Into My House
1.4 Roach Daddy
1.5 Ain't Got No Heart
1.6 Pity the Mother
1.7 Mad Dog Cole
1.8 Fly Me High
1.9 If This World Were Mine
1.10 Martha My Dear
1.11 Born to Be Wild
1.12 Journey to the Centre of Your Mind
1.13 Raven
1.14 See Us Here
1.15 Dapple Rose
1.16 Could I
1.17 One Way Hotel
1.18 Shape of Things to Come
1.19 Know Who You Are
1.20 I Remember
1.21 Pouk Hill
1.22 Angelina
1.23 Dirty Joker
1.24 Sweet Box
1.25 Wild Winds Are Blowing (Bonus Track)
1.26 Get Down ; Get with It (Bonus Track)

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