Slammin' Zeros

Slammin' Zeros: Good Enough for Us

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Artist: Slammin' Zeros

Artist: Slammin' Zeros
Title: Good Enough for Us

Contributing Artists: Harmonica on Radio Lies and Pullin' Wool: Wailin' Dale Robertson Disgruntled Diatribe on Radio Lies: Pants Jaw Harp on Radio Lies: Andy Furda Redneck Mating Call on Pullin' Wool: Andy Grysiewicz The Slamming Zeros is a product of former Detroit bands. Joe (vocals) is the former frontman for Ten Ton Diesel Head. Loomi (bass) played guitar in the Motor City Burgers. Scott (guitar) played guitar in Universal Stomp. Ed (drums) was the vocalist for Universal Stomp as well as the drummer for Motor City Burgers & Dead Clown Pile. As the track Not Done Yet suggests we all felt we had more music in us and were not ready to put it down. Bored with a lot of current music we all got together to write these songs with all our old school influences in mind. These songs were meant to complement a stiff drink. It's hard to have a good time when you take things too seriously and with songs about fighting zombies, the horrors of divorce & cracking on emo kids it should be obvious that we don't. A friend once described it as party music and we agree. Is is Metal? Punk? Rock? All of the above my friends. Think of it as if D.R.I., Anthrax, & Johnny Cash had a threesome (which should sound a hell of a lot better than it looks). It's as tough as a hockey brawl and as cool as the ice they play on. And while we hope people enjoy it as much as we do--above all it's Good Enough For Us.

1.1 And Go!
1.2 Drop-A-Zombie
1.3 Radio Lies
1.4 Locked ; Loaded
1.5 Something to Say
1.6 Rules Don't Apply
1.7 Pullin' Wool
1.8 Not Done Yet

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