Slave Zero

Slave Zero: Exempt from All Tolerance

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Artist: Slave Zero

Artist: Slave Zero
Title: Exempt from All Tolerance

Slave Zero - Ireland's finest metal act - are back with a new album. Their latest offering 'Exempt From All Tolerance' sees them moving in a more progressive and technically proficient direction which will undoubtedly push the band and it's listeners to a new level of expectation. The band's powerful, energetic live performances coupled with extensive touring throughout Ireland and Europe have gained them respect in the underground scene. This has generated opportunities to support acts such as Hatebreed, Exodus, Fozzy, Misery Index and Cephalic Carnage to name a few. Their persistent desire to push boundaries and perpetual drive in spreading their music has attracted critical acclaim from publications such as Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs and Brutallica and they were even short-listed for the 2006 top ten unsigned acts in BW&BK Magazine. The relentless work ethic of Slave Zero, combined with their competent and professional attitude will be further reinforced with the release of 'Exempt From All Tolerance'.

1.1 Exempt from All Tolerance
1.2 Antidote to Suffering
1.3 Engineering Opportunities to 'Ordain' the Innocent
1.4 A Sacrifice for the Greater Good
1.5 Impervious Determination Undermining a Malignant Ambition
1.6 The Insult That Feeds
1.7 Allegiance of Deceit
1.8 Straight for the Jugular
1.9 Vengeance

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