Sleaford Mods: Key Markets

Sleaford Mods: Key Markets
Title: Key Markets
Label: Harbinger Sound
Product Type: VINYL LP

Gatefold LP version. Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods present third proper album, Key Markets. Key Markets was a large supermarket bang in the centre of Grantham from the early 1970's up until around 1980, explains Jason Williamson. My mum would take me there and I'd always have a large Coke in a plastic orange cup surrounded by varnished wood trimmings and big lamp shades with flowers on them. Beige bricks with bright yellow points of sale and large black foam letters surrounded you and this is why we called the album Key Markets. It's the continuation of the day to day and how we see it, the un-incredible landscape. The album was recorded in various periods between summer 2014 through to October of that year. We worked fast as we normally do, the method was the same as the other albums and like the other two, the sound has naturally moved itself along. Key Markets is in places quite abstract but it still deals heavily with the disorientation of modern existence. It still touches on character assassination, the delusion of grandeur and the pointlessness of government politics. It's a classic. Fuck em. Housed in a gatefold sleeve designed by Steve Lippert; mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy. Everything else was done by Sleaford Mods. Sleaford Mods are Jason Williamson: words; Andrew Fearn: music.

1.1 Live Tonight
1.2 No One's Bothered
1.3 Bronx in a Six
1.4 Silly Me
1.5 Cunt Make It Up
1.6 Face to Faces
2.1 Arabia
2.2 In Quiet Streets
2.3 Tarantula Deadly Cargo
2.4 Rupert Trousers
2.5 Giddy on the Ciggies
2.6 The Blob

Sleaford Mods: Key Markets

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