Sleaze & Reklews

Sleaze & Reklews: Album Called the Sun

$11.46 $13.98

Artist: Sleaze & Reklews
Title: Album Called the Sun

Sleaze & Reklews first worked together in 2007, with their joint effort 'Through The Haze'. Here they are 7 years later, with iller styles and more experience bringing you this classic UK Hip Hop joint 'An Album Called The sun'. 7 tracks of raw Hip Hop at it's most underground.

1.1 Hazy Vision [Explicit]
1.2 The Sun [Explicit]
1.3 Mario Stanza (Feat. Bill Shakes ; Jman) [Explicit]
1.4 Watch Checker [Explicit]
1.5 Heads Will Know (Feat. Res ; DJ Rasp) [Explicit]
1.6 Passing Thru [Explicit]
1.7 Cuttin Papes [Explicit]

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