Sledgeback: Land of the Freak

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Artist: Sledgeback

Artist: Sledgeback
Title: Land of the Freak

Bands and trends come and go, but this doesn't seem to bother 25-year punk veteran Gabi Szakacsi and his unwavering herd, Sledgeback. Sticking to it's roots, the band mixes in some early 1990's C.A.F.B. thru Gabi who founded the group in his teen years in Budapest. With 'Land of the Freak', Sledgeback finds a path between early Leatherface and C.A.F.B,. creating the unique sound the band is known for. "Land of the Freak" is 14 tracks from an uncompromising band.

1.1 Snitch
1.2 Kill My Feelings
1.3 All Night Long
1.4 New World Order
1.5 The Hate
1.6 Land of the Freak
1.7 Frustration
1.8 Hooligans
1.9 Never Look Down
1.10 So Long Baby
1.11 Come
1.12 I Am
1.13 Wait for You
1.14 Hey Ballerina

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