Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sleeping Dogs Lie: Mud & Sky

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Artist: Sleeping Dogs Lie
Title: Mud & Sky

100% of all past, present and future Sleeping Dogs Lie CD and download proceeds go to charity. SDL has raised hundreds of dollars for various charities since 2006. Go to the website for more information on previous donations. Sleeping Dogs Lie started in 1996 in West Palm Beach, Florida with a Tascam 4-track, Alesis drum machine (credited as "Dr. Uma Chine" on several cds) and a $10 Realistic microphone. After spending a year of recording over 100 songs, Guenette decided self-release the music under the name of Sleeping Dogs Lie and soon after, the "Joy" CD was released in 1997. Jake Cline of CITYLINK magazine in Miami declared that "David Geffen and MTV would be wise to pursue the Joy CD". With no other stable band line-up, Guenette continued to record and released the second 12-song CD "Slightly confusing to a stranger" (2000), which was more lo-fi and experimental than Joy. Splendidzine Magazine declared the song "Buddy" to be "song of the year." 2002 saw the release of a more stripped-down, acoustic CD called "Nude." The song "Burl Ives Died" from Nude is the Sleeping DogsLie top-seller on iTunes. "Head first down the stairs" was a 22-song CD released in 2006 with an energetic lo-fi indie rock vibe that is the best-selling Sleeping Dogs Lie CD. The "Swirl" CD (2007) was released with 22-songs, the 12 remastered and long-awaited songs from the debut tape and 10 new songs. The sixth CD 'Trieste' was an experimental recording made with only all-homemade and found-instrument released in April of 2009 lauded by CMJ late in 2009. 'La Luz' was released in 2010 with another experimental direction; this time, an all ambient electronic experience reminiscent of Brian Eno. The current release 'Mud & Sky' is a return to it's indie rock roots after six years of writing between the last two CD releases.

1.1 Unknown
1.2 Mean Time
1.3 Iranian Space Monkey
1.4 Coyote
1.5 Wise Guy
1.6 Sunday Morning Coffee
1.7 Wake Up Girl
1.8 Bad Luck
1.9 Skyline
1.10 Square Peg Round Hole
1.11 Saboteur
1.12 Mud ; Sky

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