Sleeping in Gethsemane: Split

Sleeping in Gethsemane: Split
Title: Split
Label: Init Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing of this 2012 split release from Fargo's Sleeping in Gethsemane and Salt lake City's Loom. Sleeping in Gethsemane offers a re-recording of their song 'They Are All Perfect' from their very first self-released debut CD. Loom, featuring ex-members of Fear Before the March of Flames and the current drummer of Norma Jean, performs the new song 'Horizon'. Original artwork by Randy Ortiz.

1.1 Sleeping in Gethsemane - They Are All Perfect
1.2 Loom - Horizon

Sleeping in Gethsemane: Split

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Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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