Sleigh Bells: Jessica Rabbit

Sleigh Bells: Jessica Rabbit
Artist: Sleigh Bells
Title: Jessica Rabbit
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Sleigh Bells wasted no time after getting off the ground in 2009, releasing three blistering records in four years. Ready for a break from the road, they took their time on their fourth LP, Jessica Rabbit, writing and finishing the record several times only to realize that they wanted to push themselves and the music further. As the three years elapsed, guitarist Derek Miller went looking for the abyss, found it, and crawled out in one piece. Vocalist Alexis Krauss, for her part, found something like heaven in nature and healthy living. The result of their combined experiences is an intense and vulnerable record that's highly evolved and completely uncategorizable, a major statement from a band wholly committed to advancing their dynamic, uncompromising vision. Jessica Rabbit is the first release on the band's own record label, Torn Clean, in partnership with Sinderlyn Records.

1.1 It's Just Us Now
1.2 Torn Clean
1.3 Lightning Turns Stardust Gold
1.4 I Can't Stand You Anymore
1.5 Crucible
1.6 Loyal for
1.7 I Can Only Stare
1.8 Unlimited Dark Paths
1.9 I Know Not to Count on You
1.10 Rule Number One
1.11 Baptism By Fire
1.12 Hyper Dark
1.13 As If

Sleigh Bells: Jessica Rabbit

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