Slick Rick

Slick Rick: Great Adventures of Slick Rick

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Slick Rick

Title: Great Adventures of Slick Rick
Label: Universal

Out of print in the U.S.! UK CD pressing of the 1988 debut album from the Rap icon. In the history of Rap music, there are few artists who can be labeled as pioneers. One such artist is Slick Rick who, along with partner Doug E. Fresh, is the rapper responsible for such long-standing Hip Hop classics as 'The Show' and 'La Di Da Di'. with the special rhythmic flow of his accented vocals (he was born and raised in England) and powerful, innovative production, this album further led Rick Walters down the road of quick, massive fame and sealed his reputation as a master MC. At the time of this solo debut, Slick Rick's personalized style was ground-breaking. Taking on the role of various characters-particularly, the Ruler and MC Ricky D-Slick Rick also began the role-playing, playwright style of Rap music that is continuously used by any number of gangsta crews.

1.1 Treat Her Like a Prostitute
1.2 The Ruler's Back
1.3 Childrens Story
1.4 The Moment I Feared
1.5 Let's Get Crazy
1.6 Indian Girl (An Adult Story)
1.7 Teenage Love
1.8 Mona Lisa
1.9 Kit (What's the Scoop)
1.10 Hey Young World
1.11 Teacher, Teacher
1.12 Lick the Balls
1.13 Cildrens Story (Video)
1.14 Teenage Love (Video)

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