Slough Feg

Slough Feg: Ape Uprising

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Artist: Slough Feg

Artist: Slough Feg
Title: Ape Uprising

With a 20 year long career and seven full length albums, Slough Feg are a reference for every real metal fan in United States. As many under rated American bands, Slough Feg had to first built their reputation in Europe to be appreciated in their homeland. But now they are to be mentioned among the most influential bands for a whole generation of young alternative and metal bands, a position that brought them touring US with THE SWORD in 2008 and having over 150,000 plays on their MySpace page. "Ape Uprising" marks another step ahead in their history, bringing forth once again the main trademarks of Slough Feg's offer: A tragic, emotional, passionate and yet ironic view of life, approaching philosophical issues disguised under their typical, unconventional hard Rock/Heavy Metal offer. Around the figure of founding member Mike Scalzi (vc, gt), moves a versatile and talented line up (bassist Adrian Maestas, "Don" Angelo Tringali on guitar and new drummer Harry Cantwell) whose chemistry reaches the highest levels in "Ape Uprising", delivering what can be considered the heaviest Slough Feg release ever!

1.1 The Hunchback of Notre Doom
1.2 Overborne
1.3 Ape Uprising
1.4 Simian Manifesto
1.5 Shakedown at the Six
1.6 White Cousin
1.7 Ape Outro
1.8 Nasty Hero

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