Slugger Roo & Lady Roo

Slugger Roo & Lady Roo: Union

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Artist: Slugger Roo & Lady Roo
Title: Union

This married couple are using their gifts and rapping to the Glory of God. The Union album is about Jesus Christ coming for his church 'the ultimate marriage' also touching on real marriage. Two becoming one, two EP becoming one album. At first we both was about to drop an EP each 'Life of a Lady' and 'Rooted and Grounded' but the Holy Ghost pressed upon me to marry both EP's on an album to show the 'Union' aspect. So the title was a given and it fit for what God was doing through our ministry. My wife LadyRoo has been behind the scenes for 7yrs but now is the time for her gift to be used, what better to do it with with her husband 'we in this together' This album will touch on alot so check it out! 'THE UNION!'

1.1 Intro Ceremony
1.2 Dance for the Lord
1.3 Who Am I
1.4 B.O.K
1.5 Real Lady
1.6 Dygtct
1.7 For All
1.8 Joy of the Lord
1.9 By Faith
1.10 Word from Slugger Roo
1.11 Serious
1.12 Watch and Pray
1.13 Victory (Feat. Jonathan Williams)
1.14 Eph 5:25
1.15 Get It in Church!
1.16 Romans 10:9

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