Slumlord Philadelphia

Slumlord Philadelphia: Year of the Rat

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Product Type: CD

Title: Year of the Rat
Label: CD Baby

Slumlord Philadelphia's 2nd full-length sounds more 3 dimensional, as if you are attending one of their shows in an intimate club. The drums are boomy and Bonhamessquue. The hardcore songs are as blistering as ever and the soulful hard rock numbers make you feel as if a sack of hominy grits has been thown at your gut.

1.1 In the Ground
1.2 Burn Alive
1.3 Year of the Rat
1.4 Bay of Pigs
1.5 Hot Buttered Muffin
1.6 Trashpicker
1.7 Black River
1.8 Hell's Toboggan
1.9 Pandemic
1.10 Angel Guts
1.11 Streetsweeper Christ
1.12 Cafe Con Carne
1.13 Salao

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