Smell 3

Smell 3: Swingin

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Artist: Smell 3

Artist: Smell 3
Title: Swingin

Gianni Cazzola is probably the greatest Italian interpreter of Hard Bop drumming. Gianni brings the jazz message of Art Blakey. Gianni for me is not only a musician but a musical father. Every time I stand on a stage with Gianni everything is perfect, as when a child feels protected by his parents. Enjoy this unique trio, where alongside Gianni you can listen to two great performers as Nico and Paolo, who give all their energy and poetry in a true and sincere jazz journey.

1.1 I Got Rhythm
1.2 Summertime
1.3 Laverne Walk
1.4 Aloner Together
1.5 Milestones
1.6 Autumn in New York
1.7 On the Trail
1.8 I'll Remember April
1.9 Somebody Loves Me

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