Smiling Horse

Smiling Horse: My Favorite Secret Album

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Smiling Horse

Title: My Favorite Secret Album
Label: CD Baby

\' Smiling Horse\' New CD : My favorite secret album As a child Hans Vleugel was already into writing his own songs. This time he let his songs played and sings by other musicians/performers and found out it sound even better. Racquel Roberts is singing on this whole album and give it a specific sound of her own. So, \'Smiling Horse has got a good reason to call this {read \'his} album "My favorite secret album.

1.1 This Summer
1.2 Love Don't Lie
1.3 Silent Night
1.4 The Best
1.5 Skowronek
1.6 Mirror
1.7 Writer on a Wall
1.8 Children's Song
1.9 So Long
1.10 The Blues Tonight
1.11 What's Going on
1.12 Darkness

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