Smithfield Fair: Scotland Owns Me

Smithfield Fair: Scotland Owns Me
Title: Scotland Owns Me
Label: CD Baby

The first release from Smithfield Fair sets the tone for the unique interwoven vocal style of the group. Smithfield Fair takes traditional material and polishes it with a contemporary freshness. Critics consistantly praise the group's ability to balance traditional material with original compositions so that the listener takes a dream-like journey to the Highlands of Scotland, never certain whether the accompanying song is hundreds of years old or written last week. The tight vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitars, mandoline, tin whistle, bagpipes, bodhran, piano and other voices. The general atmosphere of this album is a dreamy holiday in the Hebrides and many native Scots have commented how strongly the music moves them.

1.1 The Skye Boat Song
1.2 Moon Over Caledonia
1.3 From Hebridean Shore
1.4 Scots Wha Hae
1.5 If I Were a Wealthy Man
1.6 My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose
1.7 Child of the Wind
1.8 Lament for John of Culloden
1.9 A Long Way from Bonnie Argyll
1.10 Coming Through the Rye
1.11 The Inverness Ball/Roots of Tweed
1.12 Once a Weaver
1.13 Wild Mountain Thyme
1.14 Meet It Were to Praise Him
1.15 Scotland Owns Me
1.16 The Parting Glass
1.17 The Blessing of Auld Tam's Pipes

Smithfield Fair: Scotland Owns Me

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