Smokey Hogg

Smokey Hogg: Who's Heah! - Selected Singles, 1947-1954

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Smokey Hogg

Title: Who's Heah! - Selected Singles, 1947-1954
Label: Jasmine Records

Smokey Hogg was one of the most prolific and best-selling Blues artists of his era. This collection gathers together 30 of his greatest recordings including the hits that made him so famous. "Good Morning Little School Girl" and "Long Tall Mama" were the Top 10 hits that established him and both are featured here. He was one of the stars of Jukeboxes and made a phenomenal number of recordings until his death in 1960. His records do stand up and still sound, in the main, fantastic up to 70 years after they were recorded. Fully detailed liner notes.

1.1 Too Many Drivers
1.2 Unemployment Blues
1.3 Hard Times
1.4 My Christmas Baby
1.5 High Priced Meat
1.6 Golden Diamond Blues
1.7 (I Wonder) Where Did My Boogie Go?
1.8 Little School Girl
1.9 Long Tall Mama
1.10 Suitcase Blues (Lowdown Blues)
1.11 Nobody Treats Me Right
1.12 What’s On Your Mind?
1.13 Restless Bedroom Blues
1.14 Who’s Heah
1.15 Misery Blues
1.16 You Gotta Go
1.17 Going Back To Texas
1.18 Worryin’ My Life Away
1.19 You Won’t Stay Home
1.20 I’m So Lonely
1.21 Up Today - Down Tomorrow
1.22 Dirty Mistreater
1.23 Angels In Harlem
1.24 Size 4 Shoe
1.25 Highway 51
1.26 Keep A-Walkin’ (Take 1)
1.27 Baby Don’t Leave
1.28 Up And Down
1.29 Train Whistle
1.30 Dark Clouds

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