Snowy White: Reunited

Snowy White: Reunited
Title: Reunited
Label: Snowy White

2017 release. For his previous album, Released, Snowy spent two years working mainly on his own in his home studio; this time around however, he recorded the bulk of the tracks with his tried and trusted pals Kuma Harada (bass), Max Middleton (keys), Juan van Emmerloot, Richard Bailey (both drums) and Walter Latupeirissa (bass). In Snowy's own words: "When I play music with friends that I respect and admire, both as players and as people, either doing live shows or in a recording environment, I feel that I'm exactly where I want to be. I feel at home. It's been a year or two since I last got together with the musicians who appear on this new album, called, for obvious reasons, 'Reunited'. We had a great time working together again and I'm very happy with the way they interpreted my ideas, helping me evolve the songs from the simple outlines that I took into the studio into complete pieces of music." Music and musicians evolve and change over time, so this album is just snapshot of how it was at that moment in Snowy's career. Tracks like 'Have I Got Blues For You', 'Headful Of Blues' and 'Emptyhanded' cover the bluesier side of things, whereas 'Where Will You Belong' and 'In California' are more reflective. 'Nuff Said' and 'I Know Our Time Ain't Long' are examples of the more up-tempo and rockier Snowy White. There's something for everybody, from the weird 'Long Time No C' to the tight latin groove of 'Heard It All Before'. Whatever the tempo and the groove, Snowy's distinctive soulful guitar runs like a golden thread throughout the album.

1.1 Have I Got Blues for You
1.2 Headful of Blues
1.3 I've Heard It All Before
1.4 Where Will You Belong
1.5 I Know Our Time Ain't Long
1.6 Rest Full
1.7 Long Time No C
1.8 Emptyhanded
1.9 'Nuff Said
1.10 In California
1.11 Time to Start Living

Snowy White: Reunited

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