Society Burning

Society Burning: Internal Combustion

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Society Burning

Title: Internal Combustion
Label: CD Baby

In 1997, Society Burning shocked the system with their release Tactiq, an album which fit well into the famed Re-Constriction coldwave roster, but did not fit the mold of the 'standard industrial metal' in the era. The band and the album were decidedly punk, ornery in tone, with an "all frequencies on full" volume assault. What felt like a lifetime later, the band crawled from their hiding spots all over the United States and decided to resume business from where they'd left off. Two tracks quickly materialized as "Honestly, I'm Lying" and "Detritus" to prove to the band that the ethic was still embedded in them. The net result: Internal Combustion - 15 tracks of harsh electro industrial rock, showing Society Burning continuing to break rules and conventions again. Added to the mix are musical luminaries PRODUKT and UCNX adding their own edge to the SoBu sound. Sometimes overpowering, other times atmospheric and open, the tracks still retain the signature sound. The album has already been featured on several 'best-of' lists since it's release in October 2010. To commemorate the album's release, the band designed a limited run hand-numbered digipak pressing of the album. Internal Combustion is released on the band's own Audiocomm International Publishing label.

1.1 Internal Combustion No. 01
1.2 Nausea Ad Nauseam
1.3 Honestly, I'm Lying (Lie)
1.4 Double Plus Minus
1.5 Detritus
1.6 Inflatable Buddha
1.7 Internal Combustion No. 02
1.8 D1Sint3Grat10N
1.9 The Monster Under Your Bed
1.10 Splinter Cellphone
1.11 Living in the Shadow of Myself
1.12 Very Small Openings in the Skin
1.13 Exile
1.14 Vapor Lock
1.15 Internal Combustion No. 03
1.16 Nausea Ad Nauseam (Produkt Remix)
1.17 The Monster Under Your Bed (Awakened Mix By Ucnx)

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