Society's Ills

Society's Ills: Society's Ills

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Society's Ills

Title: Society's Ills
Label: CD Baby

Society's Ills Formed in 2006 as another excuse to hang out and drink beers for long-time friends the Naj (Vocals) SkidMarc (bass/vocals ) Danarky (guitar/vocals) and Dave (drums) - a couple of which had never played their instruments before. As a result, in the beginning, they could barely muster the skill to cover old Misfits tunes but soon began folding originals into the mix. In 2007, Dave moved to Calgary to become a cowboy or something and was replaced on drums by local swinger J-Mighty. The new formation independently recorded and released 14 originals and a Box Tops cover. It was met with no fanfare, but aside from a few copies broken beyond repair, the band managed to liquidate the 200 unit run. Over the next few years, the band honed their skills playing numerous shows with local acts such as THE BCASA, Humanifesto & Out of Order in all the local dives. In 2010, J-Mighty was replaced on drums by the young in years but old in ailments Brent Over. With this new addition, the band really kicked into gear and even pulled together a 15 stop tour across Eastern Canada, sharing the stage along the way with Humanifesto, The Daily Times, 50 Stars Anger, Inside Riot, Tightrope, the Permanent Bastards and countless other great bands. The band also played the first edition of the Kitchener Ontario Independent music festival with headliners Anti-Flag. By 2011, the band's sound evolved and new songs were recorded and mastered by Ron who has also worked with Yesterday's Ring, Malajube and Death Boat. The result is an album that signals that the band has taken things seriously for a change and released a product of quality.

1.1 State
1.2 Kingdom of Bliss
1.3 No Man
1.4 Lost ; Found
1.5 Thanks
1.6 Tequila Shots
1.7 One Thousand People
1.8 Bitter Logic
1.9 Perpetual Motion
1.10 Another Day
1.11 Society's Ills
1.12 City
1.13 Too Late
1.14 [Untitled]

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