Sodacon: Songs of Summer 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sodacon

Title: Songs of Summer 1
Label: CD Baby

Bio: Although this is the first release on vinyl, the sound is thick and glossy. Always working on a mix, El Capitain's (a.k.a Sodacon) scores sonically with tracks like 'DC to Memphis', 'Low Profile' and 'RSS'. The mixes are made up of high voltage analog instrumentation, summed and mastered in real time. The live show is gritty and accurate when compared to the recordings. His influences include many types of diverse artists like Beck, Hendrix, Strokes, Cars, ELO, Pinback and more. 'Lately I've been listening to so much vinyl, older and new artists and it's helped me to absorb more and create better music' says Sodacon. The release of new material stays consistent. Songs of Summer Volume 1 was recorded 2008-2011, each song arranged to make a meaningful collection. The vinyl version includes a download card for listeners to obtain a digital copy. Latest Release: Songs of Summer Volume 1 U.S. vinyl LP limited edition pressing. SoS Volume 1 was recorded in El Studio 2008 through 2011 mixed and mastered in analog. A fast paced guitar driven album that plays out like a story. Although some tracks are heavy, it's never over the top. The new collection of songs showcase artistic growth with grit and solid production. The album experience opens with 'Low Profile' an up tempo heavy anthem and moves on to powerful numbers like D.C. to Memphis, and then showing off funk style with 'RSS'. Track Listing: 1. Low Profile 2. D.C. to Memphis 3. Wave Ride Adventure 4. Lit 5. Locker Combo 6. Way Too Far 7. Keeping Pace 8. Summer Never Ends 9. Skimming the Surface 10. Tunnel Vision 11. RSS.

1.1 Low Profile
1.2 D.C. to Memphis
1.3 Wave Ride Adventure
1.4 Lit
1.5 Locker Combo
1.6 Way Too Far
1.7 Keeping Pace
1.8 Summer Never Ends
1.9 Skimming the Surface
1.10 Tunnel Vision
1.11 RSS

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