Soft White Sixties

Soft White Sixties: Get Right

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Product Type: CD

Title: Get Right
Label: Shift Independent

2014 debut album from Indie Rock band. GET RIGHT is driven by the hard hitting Rock beats of drummer Joey Bustos who is locked in step with Ryan Nobles melodic bass lines, Aaron Eisenbergs nouveau vintage guitar and keyboards and the quartet is capped off by the seductive vocals of Octavio Genera. Get Right is the much anticipated follow up to their 2011 EP which garnered the band attention and praise when it was picked up by NBC's Golf Channel, KEXP, Live 105 amongst others. True to form, the Soft White Sixties are a band in every sense of the word, featuring four distinctive players. The style of each member melds together perfectly to create infectious get-up-and-dance songs with insightful lyrics, deft musicianship and a killer live show.

1.1 City Lights
1.2 Up to the Light
1.3 Lemon Squeezer
1.4 Don't Lie to Me
1.5 Rubber Band
1.6 Roll Away
1.7 Treat Me
1.8 I Ain't Your Mother
1.9 You Are Gold

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