Solace: Vadalna: Solace Remixed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Solace

Title: Vadalna: Solace Remixed
Label: CD Baby

Vadalna means 'to change' in sanskrit. These are some of the more popular Solace songs which have been remade, rearranged and remixed by some of the most well known artists such as dj Cheb i Sabah, DJ Filth, Alex Spurkel (Electric Sky Church)and Solace to name a few. Trance out to dj Cheb i Sabbah's version of Saptak, The Samaya Mix. It's hard to stand still when the thundering break beats of Cybele, The Neo Tribal Mix by Solace pulse through your body. Coast along the smooth ambient waves of Warrior Productions version of Khushee Maanao, The Aural Mix. Journey beyond the horizon and discover another possible reality with the ever-evolving sounds of Solace. Vadalna: Solace Remixed will be available here at CD Baby March 18, 2003.

1.1 Khushee Maanao (The Aural Mix)
1.2 Desert Journey (The Hard Ethnic Trance Mix)
1.3 Cybele (The Ne0-Tribal Mix)
1.4 Nataraja (The Basaal Mix)
1.5 Khatar (The Alex Mix)
1.6 Saptak (The Samaya Mix)
1.7 Darban Jooth Na Boley (The Omega Mix)
1.8 Exiled (The Asylum Mix)

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