Soloist: Spirit Adjustment: 1 Year Project 1

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Artist: Soloist

Artist: Soloist
Title: Spirit Adjustment: 1 Year Project 1

This album definitly was not me it was all GOD i was just the vessel being used there was so many thing's expressed on the albulm.This albulm is an open book to life in so many ways it show's the GOD'S love and GOD'S wrath what greater way to make the people who listen think about what side of the fence u would want to be on.

1.1 The Beggining
1.2 Not Gone Stop Till I'm Gone Ft. Du2Ce
1.3 Wanna Love You
1.4 Lose Control
1.5 Shake Em Off
1.6 Jesus Freak (Feat. Loyal Tee, Saint ; Saveal)
1.7 Go Hard
1.8 Victory Over Death
1.9 Be Strong
1.10 We Need
1.11 For the West (Feat. Skill ; Saint)
1.12 Feel So Good
1.13 Let Go (Feat. Young Saveal)
1.14 Life (Feat. Nine Up)
1.15 L.O.V.E
1.16 Get Discipled
1.17 My Gift
1.18 Lift You Up (Feat. Skill ; Du2Ce)
1.19 You Got Beef
1.20 Brighter Dayz
1.21 Thank You Song
1.22 The End (Rejoicing)

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