Song of the Lakes: Live Bait

Song of the Lakes: Live Bait
Title: Live Bait
Label: CD Baby

We, Lisa, Michael, Ingemar, and Rick are based on the Lake Michigan shore in beautiful Northwest Michigan. Living the good life in this pristine area we sing the praises of life on and around the Great Lakes. How could we not? We have played as a band since 1983 and have made it our mission to spread joy to our audience in many forms. Our original songs, quite a few by now, and our twist on traditional tunes have been recorded in our five albums and we still have more to come. Although our sound is often described as original 'new folk' music with a maritime flair, we incorporate a range of genres including Celtic, Scandinavian, Latin, acoustic rock and Great Lakes World Music. All of our instruments are acoustic and include guitars, mandolin, flutes, piccolo, bouzouki, Swedish nyckelharpa (key fiddle), concertina, harmonicas, bodhran (frame drum), and a number of percussion instruments. We have, over the years, been be able to travel to many destinations on our mission and have had the great fortune to play with many prominent artists. Our journey has also led us to be involved in a wide variety of TV, radio, movie and theatre productions.

1.1 Conch and Flute Air/Crowleys Reel
1.2 Botany Bay
1.3 Rolling Down to Old Maui
1.4 Haul Away Joe
1.5 Paddy Went to London/Tar Road to Sligo/Wizard's Way/Mic's Favori
1.6 Sail Away
1.7 Three Sisters
1.8 Michigan Farmer
1.9 Morrison's Jig/Pull Out the Knife and Stick It Again/Connaughtma
1.10 Greenland Fisheries
1.11 Drunkard's Roll
1.12 I Tell Me Ma
1.13 Leave 'Er Johnny

Song of the Lakes: Live Bait

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