Sonic Boom Six: F-Bomb

Sonic Boom Six: F-Bomb
Title: F-Bomb
Label: Cherry Red

Deluxe two CD edition includes a bonus live CD. 2016 release, the explosive and outspoken fifth studio album from Manchester's Sonic Boom Six. Recorded with Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Young Guns) the album "takes ska, pop, grime, dubstep, punk and metal apart, then rebuilding them as a hyperactive hybrid" (Kerrang! Magazine) An explosive and outspoken five-piece, SB6's legendary gigs are infamous for "clashing activism and good times" with an open-door policy towards all races, genders, ages and orientations.

1.1 No Man, No Right
1.2 From the Fire to the Frying Pan
1.3 Do What You Wanna Do
1.4 Drop the Bass
1.5 Train Leaves Tomorrow
1.6 Love
1.7 Worship Yourself
1.8 Joanna
1.9 All the Same to Me
1.10 Echoes in the Dark
2.1 Bigger Than Punk Rock
2.2 Virus
2.3 No Man, No Right
2.4 Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!
2.5 Do What You Wanna Do
2.6 Sound of a Revolution
2.7 Joanna
2.8 All in
2.9 Monkey See Monkey Do
2.10 Northern Skies
2.11 Love
2.12 Piggy in the Middle
2.13 The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Inventions
2.14 For the Kids of the Multiculture
2.15 Blood for Oil

Sonic Boom Six: F-Bomb

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