Sonoclip: Segundo Clip

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sonoclip

Title: Segundo Clip
Label: CD Baby

Segundo clip is the second CD released by Sonoclip, The album consist of 15 tracks in which the band gives the audience a glimpse into a rehearsal. This production also contains As an interesting side note, Segundo clip was created and recorded in the U.S, Venezuela and Mexico, 5 recording studios, even hotels and airplanes, including the participation of the Mexican super-band Panteon Rococo on 'Tu mi corazon', this song was also featured on the Showtime series Dexter. Sonoclip is a bilingual Latin band most notably recognized by their energetic live performances and their unique fusion of Latin styles and influences. The band formed in Los Angeles, CA in the year 2005, though their lineup has undergone personnel changes and their style evolved over the years. The present lineup consists of vocalist & Trumpet Enzo, guitarist Carlos Z, drummer Gabriel P, percussion Carlos F, Bass Rodolfo A and Alex M also on vocals. The group's sound is a distinct mix, drawing not only from the members' own diverse backgrounds, but from other countries' musical styles as well. The heart and soul of their hybrid style emanates from Venezuela, the South American country's traditional styles everpresent in Sonoclip's unique modern take. All the band members where born and raised in Venezuela. As such, they incorporate the beloved sounds of their heritage and their upbringing, like cumbia, cha cha, mambo and many others, reshaping them, breathing a new life into them, and giving them an altogether new Latin Pop groove.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Como Soy
1.3 Tu Mi Corazon
1.4 Como Ayer
1.5 DJ Mulucutumbu
1.6 Sin Ti
1.7 Desconexion
1.8 Sometio
1.9 Tu Sabes
1.10 Quisiera Ser
1.11 Amor Daltonico
1.12 Volver a Verte
1.13 Cuento de Brujas
1.14 Tu Mi Corazon (Italian Version)
1.15 Se Acabo
2.1 "Segundo Clip" Is the 2nd Album from Sonoclip, Includes 15 Original Tracks, One of Them with Panteon Rococo on "Tu Mi Corazon", This Track Was Also Used on the T.V. Show Dexter
2.2 This Band Is Formed By 6 Friends from Venezuela Based in Los Angeles California

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