Sophie Bevan

Sophie Bevan: Songs Of Vain Glory

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Artist: Sophie Bevan

Artist: Sophie Bevan
Title: Songs Of Vain Glory

1.1 At a Lunar Eclipse
1.2 O the Sight Entrancing
1.3 To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars
1.4 Tis But a Week
1.5 Tom Sails Away
1.6 Most Holy Night
1.7 A Soft Day
1.8 Sweet Polly Oliver
1.9 Roses of Picardy
1.10 Good Bye-Ee
1.11 If I Were the Only Girl in the World
1.12 We'll Gather Lilacs
1.13 Sailor's Song, Hob. Xxvia:31
1.14 Submarines
1.15 Tom Bowling
1.16 The Ship
1.17 Oft in the Stilly Night
1.18 Spring Sorrow
1.19 When I Am Dead, My Dearest
1.20 Come to Me in My Dreams
1.21 My Own Country
1.22 Journey's End
1.23 Homeward Bound
1.24 We'll Gather Lilacs (Reprise)

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