Soren Juul: This Moment

Soren Juul: This Moment
Artist: Soren Juul
Title: This Moment

Juul has earned the nickname "Denmark's Bon Iver", and while his music is more electronically influenced than Justin Vernon's sombre woodland folk, it's a title that fits Juul's ability to capture a mood and create a sense of bittersweet nostalgia. This Moment is filled with glimmering, spacious instrumentation, and so much reverb that much of the record simply washes over you.

1.1 Ambitions
1.2 Dear Child
1.3 Green Point
1.4 Do Not Want to Fool You
1.5 Epic Moon
1.6 Manly Beach
1.7 Soulseeker
1.8 Pushing Me Away
1.9 Seventeen
1.10 This Time

Soren Juul: This Moment

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