Sorrow Town Choir: Espinas de la Vida

Sorrow Town Choir: Espinas de la Vida
Title: Espinas de la Vida
Label: CD Baby

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new CD. ' Espinas de la Vida ' ( the thorns of life ). Espinas starts in the shallows and goes way into the deep end before a reprise of simpleton ( with additional pedal steel ) brings you back like smelling salts ...and then it starts all over again. We have had a few line up chnages since our first offering ' ... as it should be ' ( also available on cdbaby )with the addition of James Flynn on drums from New Zealand and Joe Heavey on Keyboards. These gents ( scoff ) help round out the co - founders of the group: Mark paniagua on fender bass and Greg Dale On vocals and guitars. Many talented friends also put ther fingerprints on this music that gives it that little extra push. This full lenth ep ( runs just under 28 minutes )tries hard to find new avenues to present it's material within it's own format of 'deep crisis rock' and the lyrics do their damdest to crush insincerity under the heel of a black boot. So if you like it real and a little dark and your not afraid of yourself come on in .....we''ll leave the light off for you. ^#^we hope you like it. ^#^check out if you want to see who we are or leave us a message, or feel free to contact anyone of us directly at we will see it and we will get back to you. ^#^hope to see you out at a show or we will come and play to you..... loud.... or soft... we will bring our own sweat. ^#^cheers g.d and stc.

1.1 (Intro) BLK #9
1.2 Simpleton
1.3 Casket Bob
1.4 Mortal Coil
1.5 Likes of You
1.6 Damage My Cool
1.7 [Untitled] [Bonus Track]

Sorrow Town Choir: Espinas de la Vida

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