Soujaism: Blowing Fire

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Artist: Soujaism

Artist: Soujaism
Title: Blowing Fire

Like Webbie, Lil Boosie & Souljahboy, Soujaism Album has a raw street touch giving you new underground and hip hop smashing hot tracks to swag to with no nonsense clean lyric's. Special thanks to God, Family and Clarence Young & Scooter Young for music scores:.

1.1 Idance
1.2 Your Blistex Is Jumping
1.3 Donk Pt.2/For My Wife
1.4 Soujaboy Bobble Head Swag Dance
1.5 He's Unavailable Baby But I'm Here Honey
1.6 Bail Us Out Like the Rich
1.7 Southern Gurl
1.8 Free Style Love Rapper
1.9 Righteous Skills ; Kills
1.10 Let the Dogs Out
1.11 Blowing Fire
1.12 Stax (I'm a Winner)
1.13 Street Gospel (Blowing Fire)
1.14 I'm Kicking It (Chopped ; Screwed)
1.15 Your Lip Gloss Is So Fine
1.16 Blowing Fire Pt.2
1.17 Shake That Thing It Will Be Good for You
1.18 He's Unavailable Baby (Chopped Version)
1.19 Your Lip Gloss Is So Fine (Chopped)
1.20 Mother I Thank You
1.21 Soujaism (Chopped ; Screwed)
1.22 Soujaboy Bobble Head (Chopped Mix)
1.23 Time and Chance Happen to Us All (Outro)

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