Soul Jazz Records Presents

Soul Jazz Records Presents: Punk 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City

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Product Type: CD

Title: Punk 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City
Label: Soul Jazz

Soul Jazz Records new Punk 45 album Extermination Nights in the Sixth City charts the rise of underground punk in the Midwest city of Cleveland, Ohio, which for many people is the true birthplace of punk music in the mid 1970s. Featuring a fantastic collection of punk 45 singles from Cleveland groups including Pere Ubu, electric eels, the Pagans, Rockets from the Tomb, Mirrors, X X and more. The album follows on from Soul Jazz Records earlier Punk 45 albums about USA and British punk Kill the Hippies Kill Yourself and There Is No Such Thing As Society as well as the cover art book Punk 45. Extermination Nights in the Sixth City coincides with the release of as a second album about Ohio's early punk scene, Burn, Rubber City, Burn featuring the music scene of nearby Akron.

1.1 The Pagans - Street Where Nobody Lives
1.2 Jazz Destroyers - Love Meant to Die
1.3 Pere Ubu - Final Solution
1.4 The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing
1.5 Electric Eels - Splittery Splat
1.6 The Pagans - Dead End America
1.7 X-X - Approaching the Minimal with Spray Guns
1.8 Defnics - 51%
1.9 Pere Ubu - Heart of Darkness
1.10 The Human Switchboard - No !
1.11 X-X - a
1.12 Pressler-Morgan One Plus One - You're Gonna Watch Me
1.13 The Pagans - I Juvenile
1.14 Poli Styrene Jass Band - Drano in Your Veins
1.15 Mirrors - Hands in My Pockets
1.16 Electric Eels - Bunnies
1.17 Styrene Money - Everything Near Me
1.18 Rocket from the Tombs - Life Stinks

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