Soulengine: Mind Colours

Soulengine: Mind Colours
Title: Mind Colours
Label: Marac

Erik Neuteboom's words: 'The band sent me a promo EP (released in 2008) with two tracks. First Polheim (unmastered version) that sounds dynamic and alternating with elements of ELP (Hammond organ), Genesis (bass pedals and violin-Mellotron eruptions), Mahavishnu Orchestra (excellent interplay in jazz rock style) and Rush (synthesizer drops, bass pedals and exciting interaction between guitar, keyboards and rhythm-section). You can hear that the musicians are experienced with lots of interesting musical ideas, a very pleasant first musical encounter with Soulengine! The other composition is their single Rain Flower (demo version): it starts with a captivating combination of jazz rock sounding electric piano and guitar and bombastic Hammond organ, followed by a harder-edged guitar solo, halfway the atmosphere turns into mellow with soaring electric guitar (use of volume pedal) and violin-Mellotron eruptions, then a splendid build-up with tasteful work on guitar and keyboards, a funky bass and in the end a fiery electric guitar solo with wah-wah pedal in a compelling climate, this is very dynamic music. I am looking forward to their debut album, what a very promising new Italian progrock band!' (Erik Neuteboom - Background Magazine) Upside down, downside up, from the body to the brain and back... The engine of soul guides you through an odd journey. 'Mind Colours EP' are the nuances of everyone of us, nuances to be pointed out through art, music in particular. Being music an abstract art, the colours of the mind are the abstract experiences found during this journey: the tunes of 'Mind Colours' are intended to be capable to let you explore inside yourself and to use this experiences outside, in our daylife. So is it psychedelia? No, it's not, it's progressive rock! Or, so to say, 'it's more permessive than progressive'... And Soulengine's first release is full of different influences which the band blends in an unique way, to have an uncompromising style and sound: you can find the best of 70's progressive rock blended with jazz, classical music, fusion, psychedelia. Everything in 'Mind Colours' is enriched by gorgeous arrangements and virtuosisim, and melody is the leit motiv for the whole album. How the album was born? Ettore Salati and Fabio Mancini worked together for years for another international progressive rock band, The Watch, and they shared many important experiences, like the 'Vacuum tour' which brought them to play live all over the world and in international progressive festivals, and recording the albums 'Vacuum', 'Live Bootleg' and 'Primitive'. In two different moments, both left the band and started to work on original compositions. The two guys had so many original songs in their minds that immediately wanted to let a real band been born. The first aim was to merge all the influences they had, which crossed the borders from seventies' progressive rock to jazz, fusion, psychedelia and so on... Giacomo Pacini and Nando de Luca joined the project, and the four members started a large arrangement job, which took the most of 2008 and 2009. Nine songs came to life, or we should better call them 'tunes', because the music is mostly instrumental, and it features vocals only sometimes. A couple of guest musicians left their unmistakable mark on these tunes: Joe Sal (vocals on 'Down The Street' and 'Asleep'), and Davide Gandino (flute on 'Asleep' and 'Challenge To An End'). During 2011 the tracks for the full-length album have been recorded, and in 2012 Soulengine's album, called 'Mind Colours', has been mixed and mastered and finally released! Musicians: Ettore Salati electric, acoustic, 12-string, double-neck guitars, bass pedals Fabio Mancini piano, hammond, moog, mellotron, synths Nando de Luca bass, acoustic guitars Giacomo Pacini drums, percussions Guest musicians: Joe Sal vocals on 'Down The Street' and 'Asleep' Davide Gandino flute on 'Asleep' and 'Challenge To An End' Drums recorded at Vicos Studio, Milan, by Raff Pellino Guitars and bass recorded at Highway Studio, Milan, by Mike Campanella Keyboards recorded at Palombino Studio, Milan, by Mike Campanella Vocals recorded at Block Studio, Milan, by Cristiano Cesario Mixed at TurboStudio, Milan, by Michele Campanella Mastered at OMD Studio, Milan, by Simon Stucchi Photos by Chiara Babini Artwork by Davide Guidoni.

1.1 Polheim
1.2 Third in Line
1.3 Rain Flower
1.4 On the Other Side
1.5 Down the Street
1.6 No Way Out
1.7 No Rewarding
1.8 Asleep
1.9 Challenge to An End

Soulengine: Mind Colours

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