Soundtrack: The Great Human Odyssey (Original Soundtrack)

Soundtrack: The Great Human Odyssey (Original Soundtrack)
Title: The Great Human Odyssey (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Varese Sarabande

The Great Human Odyssey is a three part miniseries by CBC about humans and humanity. How did we go from cavemen to where we are now? Why aren't we extinct? Did we become close to being extinct? Those are just a few of the questions director Niobe Thompson asks in this documentary series. He takes use back to the past, to the first humans and explores how it all came to be. In the spirit of the rest of the project, the score was recorded in the glorious acoustic of the Winspear Centre, with members of the Edmonton Symphony, ProCoro Canada and Booming Tree Taiko.

1.1 Something Remarkable 03:15
1.2 Birth of Humanity 01:20
1.3 Modern Humans 02:27
1.4 Reindeer Rodeo 01:42
1.5 Into Europe 03:00
1.6 Hunters and Gatherers 01:51
1.7 Incredible Feats, Incredible Patience 01:33
1.8 The Kelp Forest 03:16
1.9 Humans Underwater 06:09
1.10 On the Move 01:19
1.11 The Wise, the Evolved 04:59
1.12 Tawi Tawi 03:32
1.13 Parched Waste 01:34
1.14 Evolution of Adaptability 03:22
1.15 Before Columbus 01:50
1.16 The Road Less Travelled 02:16
1.17 Remarkable Adaptations 01:35
1.18 Dawn of Symbolic Thought 03:32
1.19 The Hokule'a Sets Sail 01:54
1.20 Jebel Faya 01:48
1.21 Boys Become Men 02:59
1.22 The Art of Sailing 01:49
1.23 Last Days of June 01:03
1.24 Doorway to the Pacific 03:05
1.25 Homo Sapiens 02:47

Soundtrack: The Great Human Odyssey (Original Soundtrack)

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