Space Chums: Blast Off

Space Chums: Blast Off
Title: Blast Off
Label: CD Baby

GREETINGS EARTHLINGS! We are the SPACE CHUMS! A stellar high-energy band for sentient beings young and old who dig good vibrations. We bring more rock than a meteor shower and our beats are pulsing like the Vela Pulsar! We love to learn about all the crazy stuff in the universe and on every planet we tour, we make friends fast with whoever else is newish to the planet - you know, the kids! They're the ones best quali?ed to teach us all about the neato-amazing stuff in their world that the older folks might take for granted. Now we should warn you: after a long trip through hyper-space, we feel a serious need to shake a leg, so our songs are gonna get you up and moving and probably singing and de?nitely teaching us a thing or two about your outta-sight world! From the knee-slapping foot-stomping ditty about a space worm called "Slormy", to the electro-dancetastic "Crazy Moves", The Space Chums' sound spans a cosmic spectrum as wide as the known universe! THE CREW! Mission Control: Lost Cosmonaut Boris Nikolai Your planet seems familiar to Boris - he was launched from one just like it in the early 70's and this cosmic cosmonaut has never looked back! He was picked up by a microscopic disco band and after wowing them with his huge sound, soon became their Front Man. He's played lounges from Andromeda to the Sombrero Galaxy and he's ready to rock the mic right here in the Milky Way! Space Synth: Space Ninja Linda Ninja Linda was born on planet Hitchy Koo Step Step, where she learned the secret arts of Anti-Gravity Dance and Space Ninja-ness. After spending many years defending her galaxy from the nefarious Lameos from the planet Lameoid, she was ?nally ready for the ultimate challenge - getting the kids of the universe up on their feet and dancing up a space storm! Electro-Banjo: GalactoFashionista Gussy Gussy has strutted her out-of-this-world styles on the glitziest runways of the Kuiper Belt and at the most avant- garde end of the Cartwheel Galaxy. She sees the fabulous in everything - one Martian's trash is another alien's treasure and Gussy sees the to-die-for potential in every new thing she encounters. We can't wait to explore your incredible planet with you, so if you're ready to Rock and Roll, prepare to blast into hyper-fun with the SPAAAAACE CHUUUUMS!

1.1 Space Chums Theme
1.2 I Love It
1.3 Alright Space Chum
1.4 Chum a Lum
1.5 Beeble Bop
1.6 Word Wizard
1.7 Sunshine Sneaking
1.8 Space Jamboree
1.9 Crazy Moves
1.10 Blast Off

Space Chums: Blast Off

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