Spaceheads: Spaceheads

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Artist: Spaceheads

Artist: Spaceheads
Title: Spaceheads

To say that Spaceheads - a duo comprising Andy Diagram (trumpet and electronics and Richard Harrison (drums) produce a full sound, would be to understate wildly. This CD well-nigh explodes with vitality. It was released simultaneously by two labels in 1995- In USA by Dark Beloved Cloud (DBC 204) and across Europe by Amsterdam based label Red Note (red note 3). Their first CD proper (having released an earlier album on cassette and vinyl) featured a mixture of live and studio produced tracks and also featured special guests. Marion Coutts (Dog faced hermans) on Bella Ciao, Bing Selfish on Billy the Comedian, T he Jacques brothers (Put Put / These records) on first and last tracks along with special mixes from Matt Wand (Stock, Hausen and Walkman) - Eat the machine and Barbed - Gobsmaked!. Spaceheads favour cutting edge methods of aural construction - where a tape becomes a palimpsest of layering, sampling and erasure - to access a wide profusion of voices. 'Bones' takes a prison working and introduces a trance -like undertow and rhythms of adamantine strength. The effect is more cerebral than most jungle, but never far from the physical exhilaration of funk (try 'Joyriding') Diagram has a technocrats fondness for gadgetry. He loves his tape loop, whilst an echo device enables his horn to seemingly ricochet around the universe. Harrison - a drummer of inexhaustible energy- can be relied upon to bring him back down to earth. The rhythmic cohesion he provides is this musics life -force. 'Excessive exposure to Spaceheads could drive you mad but it would be a liberating form of derangement' - Mike Butler writing in City Life magazine.

1.1 Evacuate the Planet
1.2 Bones
1.3 Whatever Happened to Billy the Comedian
1.4 Eat the Machine
1.5 Down in Outer Space
1.6 Joyriding
1.7 Parched
1.8 Open My Box
1.9 Gobsmacked!
1.10 Bella Ciao
1.11 The Whistle Blower
1.12 Love the Machine
1.13 What Machine?

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