Spc Eco

Spc Eco: Anomalies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Spc Eco

Title: Anomalies
Label: Saint Marie

2016 release. It was less than a year ago SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo, a name that's part riddle and part publicly-traded stock) released Dark Matter to ecstatic reviews, and here they are back already with Anomalies. Dean Garcia, famously of Curve, and singer Rose Berlin, famously of SPC ECO, are on a creative hot streak. With yet another album scheduled for later in the year, there's nothing left for Saint Marie records to do but sit back and enjoy the ride. Anomalies continues the parade of alternate-universe pop hits they've come known for, existing somewhere beyond genre, somewhere beyond understanding. Its beats provide the missing link between trap and trip-hop-trap-hop? Opener 'Out of My System' takes the brisk jog of Abba's 'Take a Chance On Me' and slows it down to a horrific crawl - a relationship on its last legs and neither person can find the way out. ‘Silent Maybe’ could be on Top 40 radio tomorrow morning, sounding perfectly at home while destroying your day. Katy Perry, or more specifically Katy Perry's people, should send an e-mail. Save her career. Save the world. Not necessarily in that order.

1.1 Out of My System
1.2 Incomplete
1.3 Bare to Lie
1.4 Your Own Way
1.5 Silent Maybe
1.6 Think Twice
1.7 Revived
1.8 All in Time
1.9 Lost in a Crowd

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