Speed Limit 35: Shifting Gears

Speed Limit 35: Shifting Gears
Title: Shifting Gears
Label: CD Baby

Based in southern New Jersey, instrumental / progressive rockers Speed Limit 35 formed during the summer of 1997 as a result of frequent songwriting sessions between guitarist Steve Rabeler and keyboardist / guitarist Mitch Gorman. Singer Judilynn Niedercorn, from Pittsburgh-based progressive rock band Persephone's Dream was recruited and provided an additional ingredient, adding a new musical dimension to the band's sound. The first album release from Speed Limit 35 entitled The Speed of Sound was made available from mp3.com in 2000. The album contained ten tracks that varied between guitar-based instrumentals and progressive tracks featuring Judilynn's vocal work. Several songs were extremely reminiscent of Renaissance in their construction especially when amplified by the texture of Judilynn's voice; excellent examples being 'Siren Song' and 'Memoria'. Instrumentals spanned from the light acoustic sound of 'Binky' to the driving guitar rock of 'Throb' and 'HTML' and experimental nature of 'GuiTarPits.' More than 90,000 downloads and plays resulted from Speed Limit 35's presence on the mp3.com website, and 'Throb' was #1 on the Instrumental Rock chart for 28 days. In 2002, Steve and Mitch parted ways with Judilynn and returned to their instrumental and progressive rock roots. Steve's surf and rockabilly influences were also tapped into as recording sessions progressed for Speed Limit 35's 2nd album. After nearly 3 years of work, the resulting self-produced all-instrumental CD, Shifting Gears, was released on the band's own Hectic Eclectic label in 2004. Ranging from the heavy, slow-building progressive rock of 'Mechanical Failure Suite' to the upbeat surf of 'Atlantica' and the Gene Krupa influenced 'ReKrupaRation', Shifting Gears demonstrated the duo's instrumental versatility and strengths. The CD has received excellent reviews along with thousands of online downloads and plays. Beginning in September 2006, Speed Limit 35's song 'ReKrupaRation' has been featured in the soundtrack for the PBS television series 'Roadtrip Nation'.

1.1 B B Gun
1.2 Bonk
1.3 Rekruparation
1.4 Storming Heaven
1.5 Atlantica
1.6 Red Shift
1.7 Mechanical Failure Suite

Speed Limit 35: Shifting Gears

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