Spencer Ward: Spencer Ward

Spencer Ward: Spencer Ward
Title: Spencer Ward
Label: CD Baby

It has been said that ART is the highest form of self expression and art comes in many different forms. As far back as he can remember Spencer's ability to express himself has come out through two distinctly different avenues...music and boxing. Yes singing and yes punching people - an unlikely combination, but both passions that were somehow woven together into his inner fabric from early on in his childhood. As he bangs out each verse on the Taylor Guitar, it quickly becomes something you don't want to just listen to, but that you want to be a part of. That's the difference between a song and music...you, the listener, becoming a part of the sound. So don't sit back and enjoy it...lean forward, find the beat and sing along to the driving acoustics and sincere delivery of Spencer Ward's debut EP. Join in and make music happen.

1.1 Fine
1.2 I Wanna Be
1.3 Blessed
1.4 Tell Me

Spencer Ward: Spencer Ward

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